DIMS - Digitial Information Management System

Jet-A provides our aircraft owners with our proprietary Digital Information Management System (DIMS), offering unparalleled owner connectivity.

The value of any aviation asset is not only in its maintenance status but the accuracy and completeness of all records, inspection events, list of serialized components, service bulletins and airworthiness directives.  Jet-A has developed a world-leading digital information management system customized for the busy aircraft owner.  We provide our aircraft owners full access to all pertinent accounting, operational and maintenance records through a revolutionary and thoughtful informational management tool designed with the aircraft owner in mind.  Our iPad App and web-based platform assures complete oversight of Jet-A's aircraft management operation.

Digital Information Management System - unparalleled owner connectivity

Jet-A provides the aircraft owner full access to pertinent accounting, operational and maintenance records at all times.  Jet-A clients have complete oversight of our aircraft management operation ensuring awareness of expenditures and revenue related to their aircraft.  DIMS offers instant, reliable access to the status of the aircraft similar to that of accessing a credit card or bank statement on-line.  By utilizing a web-based computer, Jet-A's iPad App or Smart Device, detailed information is readily available anytime, offering up to the minute information on fuel uplift, trip cost summaries, maintenance events and parts procurement, charter activity and trip revenue, calendars and flight schedules, invoices and statements.

Jet-A's DIMS is a first in the world of Part 135 aircraft management and the most transparent platform in private aviation.  Real time information matters and guaranteed it will change your ownership experience in measurable ways.  Please contact us for a demonstration.