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The Team

Ron Boros

managing director, co-founder

Canadian to the core, Ron is Jet-A. Articulate, thorough, empathetic and authentic. Ron brings Jet-A a unique experience in, and an affection for, all things Bombardier.

Not only is Ron a seasoned airline transport pilot, logging over 10,000 flight hours, his true expertise can be found in navigating aircraft scrutiny in operations, acquisitions and guaranteeing aircraft meet regulatory compliance  With a long standing desire for aircraft ownership to be a pleasurable & transparent experience, Ron has successfully developed industry leading technology that allows owner-oversight and accessibility never before seen in our industry.
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Jeff Barnes

director of maintenance

When it comes to experience in and around aviation, very few can match Jeff’s pedigree. From his commercial pilot type ratings for Challenger and Boeing aircraft, to his tenure as Director of Maintenance for Madison Square Gardens and Weapons Systems Controller for the US Air Force, Jeff is the hands on pro you want overseeing your aviation asset. 

As Jet-A’s Director of Maintenance, Jeff has two objectives: Treating aircraft as if they were his own and providing a fiduciary responsibility to Owners of these aircraft. Keeping meticulous maintenance records is vital to an aircraft’s value and Jeff takes his stewardship very seriously.
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Bob Hariri, M.D., Ph.D


A serial entrepreneur in biomedicine and aerospace, Bob has flown over 60 different military and civilian aircraft. Having owned multiple Learjet and Challenger aircraft for the past 20-years, Bob is a "brand-ambassador" for Bombardier and shares his passion piloting the Challenger 604.

Pilot Team